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Domains: Nature, Tempest

Olu is the goddess of the sea, water, and storms, the Breaking Wave, the Mother. She rages and nurtures, provides and kills; she is a goddess of life and death in equal measure. Her anger can manifest in terrifying ways beyond any of the other gods but her bounty also sustains life; for this, she is often paired with Estus, the Mother with the Father. Unlike Estus, Olu demands constant recognition for her gifts. To do otherwise is to invite her terrible wrath. Sea-goers, travellers, and even river-dwellers must all be unfailing in their devotion and thanks lest they be swallowed by the raging sea.

Olu’s temperamental nature is central to her identity. Even her devoted followers must make peace with the fact that she may claim them or their loved ones at any time, a tax she demands in return for the endless hauls of fish and life-sustaining water that mortals take from her each day. She is seen as a harsh, demanding mother who loves her children while reminding them that everything has a cost.

Olu is commonly depicted as a nude woman with long, flowing white hair holding a spear, which is also her holy symbol. When Olu flings her spears, lightning is made; thunder is the terrible sound of their impact.

Olu’s priesthood is predominantly though not exclusively female and her shrines and temples line every waterway in the world. No fishing village is complete without a priest and a shrine to which constant offerings are made. Priests must bless every finished ship, as well as a ceremonial flat-headed spear, an osti, that is the soul of the ship. If the osti is lost, the ship must immediately put into port until a new one can be made and consecrated. Every priest of Olu is similarly armed with their own osti which they carry in the course of their official duties. Some priests live as hermits by the sea, feeling that it is the purest expression of their connection with Olu. Wandering or adventuring followers of the sea goddess are most often found on ships, as healers, navigators, good luck charms, or missionaries, though some embrace Olu’s storm aspects and travel as avenging monster-slayers.

Libations are often made to Olu through fine oils and perfumes, and even alchemical mixtures. Osti must be regularly bathed in oil to maintain Olu’s favor.

No shrine to Olu is complete without running water through the sanctuary.

Some druids derive their power from Olu when they live on coasts, islands, or even underwater. They also bear the osti and will use their powers with an aquatic flair, such as preferring to transform into reptiles when using Wild Shape. In game terms, they are druids of the Circle of the Land whose Circle Spells draw from the Coast table.


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