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Domains: Knowledge

Nanye is the goddess of Fate, Prophecy, and Knowledge, the Radiant Seeker of Truth, the Blue Flame, the Thread of Fate. Seen as one of the most powerful of the gods, she is an inscrutable divine presence, the keeper of the past and the future. She is worshipped by those who thirst for knowledge, be they simple historians or hunters of arcane power, and is beseeched by those desperate to change their path in life. Some people visit her temples obsessively, praying for guidance on every decision and asking for the hidden meaning in every mundane occurence. Unfortunately, Nanye’s power is matched by her mystery and her messages are rare and murky in their meaning. Frequently, Nanye appears in tales and legends, consulted by heroes and villains alike. Sometimes she appears in various guises to share bits of prophecy and foreknowledge to the stories’ characters and reveals herself only at the finale.

Nanye’s symbol is an open book with a radiant flame behind it. She’s commonly depicted as a masked, robed woman, her palm extended and a flame burning atop it and her other hand holding a massive closed book. She’s associated with the color blue. The burning of incense is central to her worship as it is thought to bring clarity to the mind.

Nanye is believed to know all that has transpired on Cendra but her influence over the future is more murky. Some believe that she sets the course of the future, while others see her as more of a guide and caretaker of fate; a weaver who follows the pattern but is unsure what it ultimately forms. Regardless, her temples are often beneficiaries of great wealth from the tithes of the powerful striving for Nanye’s grace, and as such are beautiful structures of blue-white marble. They are libraries and schools and the greatest repositories of learning in the land. There, blue sconces burn day and night, symbolizing the blue Flame of Knowledge that Nanye controls.

Nanye is thought to have recorded all that is and all that will be on an endless series of tablets, the ze’shi, that are scattered throughout Cendra and the murky planes of existence that surround it. There is little in the world more sought after than these tablets though their existence has never been confirmed. If they exist, a single tablet could hold untold wonders; spells of power, the secrets of the planes, or the knowledge of every civilization that has existed. Con-men sell a never-ending stream of maps that lead the foolish to random spots that supposedly contain ze’shi and adventurers have doubtless died in the pursuit of them.

Nanye’s priests are sages, historians, teachers, researchers, seers, and chroniclers, but the priesthood as a whole are usually simply called Seers. Knowledge is the currency of the priesthood; intelligence means power, both from Nanye and within the Seers. Teaching and research is the most common occupation of the Seers as Nanye’s prophetic blessings are fitful and unpredictable and Seers commonly circulate amongst Nanye’s temples, seeking books or scrolls to complete their research. Rarely do they become adventurers, preferring to pay others to do their dungeoneering for them. There are some sages that venture out into the world to scour it for new books, scrolls, and tombs, and these brave souls reap the rewards of Nanye’s greatest favor, for nothing pleases her more than the active pursuit of knowledge.

Those who swear themselves to Nanye’s service find their eyes turn blue within a month. Devotees in possession of significant knowledge will often find their eyes become bluer still and may even slightly glow. Such sages are highly sought after for their visible sign of Nanye’s favor.


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