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The Darmenok is the great desert and badlands of Cendra, where the sands swirl around rocks of orange, gold, and blue. The powers of Earth and Air are intense there and yet work in concert. Great boulders hang in midair and gusts of wind can billow so powerfully as to knock a man flat.

It is inhabited by a vast array of creatures, humanoid and otherwise. Most creatures are nomadic, forming bands and tribes for mutual defense as they roam the harsh beauty that surrounds them. Water is precious; skirmishes are fought for oases, and the city-states that dot the badlands are invariably founded over the precious underground reservoirs that can support life. Travel across the Darmenok is difficult and not for the faint of heart. Most people who must cross hire tribes as escorts and move in caravans of the maha, curious, long-legged creatures that plod across the landscape.


The Darmenok is home to the dust orchid, a rare and beautiful golden flower that glows with a soft light. The dust gently shaken from its petals is said to be able to heal all manner of ills. It is also home to the Dustweavers, the shapers of sand and wind whose power comes from the intense elemental forces of the desert.


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