Crystalline Wastes

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The Crystalline Wastes are a vast and unexplained expanse of cracked, blue soil and rocks, broken up by huge formations of jagged, blue crystals. Blue lighting flashes across the dusty sky and glowing cracks run rampant through the ground. Water is scarce, as is life, but what life there is is often a changed version of its natural self. Animals and plants alike seem infused with the power of the crystals, covered in a sheen of crystalline dust or with actual crystals embedded in their bodies. Giant crabs whose bodies are ringed in razor-sharp rock, and six-eyed, hairless deer with crystal antlers are just two examples of the nigh-unrecognizable life that dwells within the wastes.

The wastes are also the home of the Changed; humanoid tribes who live in and have been altered by the wastes. It isn’t known how these tribes came to live here, though it’s assumed they were forced to due to war or famine. Now, however, they are creatures of it and tied to it. Crystals stud their bodies and they are rumored to ingest their dust. While their appearance varies, they are always covered with a luminescent glow and have burning blue eyes. They are rarely found outside of the wastes and it is said that they cannot survive long away from its energies. Interaction between them and the outside world is rare; they have trouble understanding the world outside the wastes, and outsiders complain that they speak strangely and vaguely. The Changed roam the wastes, using their giant, six-legged beatles as pack animals as they move from watering hole to watering hole. They usually avoid the pilgrims visiting The Sibyl and there is no record of them ever having raided their caravans.

The wastes themselves are as poorly understood as their denizens. Magic seems unpredictable within its confines, with mages finding the crystals seem to tug at and wrap their magic around themselves, like water around a rock. Many believe that the wastes are a place of Nanye since the Sapphire Mount lies within it. It has been postulated that the pulsing crystal may even be Nanye in some way.

Crystalline Wastes

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