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Domains: Trickery

Asatya is the Goddess of Shadows and Lies, the Hidden Fox, the Veiled Lady. Her domain lies within the underbelly of society in thievery and kidnappings, and at a highest reaches of wealth in diplomacy and assassination. She lingers within every lie and knows every whispered secret. She glories in the dynamism of lies, how a single mistruth in one city can end with a dagger in the back in another country. To her, mortals are pieces on a chessboard, part of a great game that spans Cendra.

Asatya is commonly depicted as a woman with a veiled face, or with the face of a fox, holding a knife in its teeth. She is. Her symbol is a simple knife pointed downwards.

Rare is the true priest of Asatya. Her followers practice their devotions in secret, as befits Astaya. They know their lady too well to work with the others who follow her. On occasion however, they form small cults, and it is then that they are at their most dangerous. They acquire information, ferret out the lies and secrets of the city they inhabit, and then parlay those secrets into wealth and power by acting as information sellers. All manner of people are drawn to Astaya; rogues, swindlers, bards, diplomats, assassins, con-men, and merchants. Her followers do not build public temples. To have your secrets discovered is the greatest shame among them and power is often measured through knowledge and blackmail.

While Asatya is often associated with blackmail and thievery, she’s also invoked as the patron of clandestine affairs in general. Rebels in the service of virtuous causes may call upon Asatya to keep them unnoticed and depict her as a dark but good-hearted rogue.

Amongst the gods, Asatya most commonly allies with Caudecus. They both seek power and have little compunction with how that power is obtained. Asatya’s spies and thieves complement the straightforward violence most often practiced by Caudecus’ minions. Both are opposed in particular by Iluvitar.


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