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Shevuk is the god of penance and twilight, the Grey God, the God of Tears. He is the god of reflection and inward thought who eschews the battles of the divine to perfect Oneness; the perfect state of harmony in which all things are known. His priests lead the lives of aesthetics, oftentimes driven to the priesthood by the sorrows of their past and finding peace only in Shevuk’s mantras. They hone their minds and bodies while ministering to their flocks away from the thoughtless bustle of cities.

The monks of Shevuk believe that there is a place, the Between, the cosmological center of the universe, where all forces meet; elemental, positive, negative, order and chaos. At this center there is perfection and silence, the only true silence in the universe, and it is here that the One God exists. To touch the mind of the One God is to achieve the greatest that can be achieved, and will bring everlasting peace to one’s soul. It is towards this goal that the monks strive, perfecting themselves in the hopes that when they die, they will be elevated to the next plane, one step closer to the Between.

Laypersons who have wronged their fellows and seek to make amends can ‘take the grey’, smearing their faces with grey ash and visiting one of his monasteries to seek the guidance of his monks. The monks will set them a penance to carry out, which is generally kept between the petitioner and the monks. While they may bathe before their task is accomplished, only then may they return to a monk who will ritually wash their face. Shevuk offers release from the regrets of the world, and for this, he is quietly loved.

Monks encountered outside the monastery may be on a penance of their own, or may be loners who have decided that Shevuk’s voice is found among the world instead of behind the monastery walls. While they are rare, adventurers or soldiers turned monks can be some of the greatest heroes of Cendra.

Shevuk’s time is twilight, when the contemplative mind is strongest and the light an dark mingle. His symbol is a single white teardrop. His monks form no hierarchies; while monasteries will have abbots, they operate independently, each seeking the Between in their own fashion.


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